Skin rejuvenation products. Anti-aging nutrition

Hi everyone! Do you read twitter? Today I read a rather interesting thing there, it turns out that the elixir of youth EXISTS! I will say even more, it is available everywhere on our planet and for any person! What kind of magic do you ask for? No quackery! Let's go to the supermarket together and learn how to buy facial skin rejuvenation products!

In the morning the skin of the face is gray, in the cold does not a blush appear, but an unhealthy blush? Or maybe you see the first wrinkles? I can guarantee a rejuvenating effect no worse than a salon, at home. It just won't come right away, but after a while, but you don't have to put up with the pain, it will just be tasty and enjoyable!

All aspects of our life depend on our nutrition: this is no longer a secret. And it's not just about satisfying hunger, but also about the emotional, mental and general state of our body. We are what we eat and our face is the first thing our food shows. Today we will supplement our shopping cart with products that are particularly important for health and rejuvenation.


We're 80% water, which means staying hydrated should be a nutritional priority. A person with an average activity needs to drink 1. 5-2. 5 liters of water per day. We only buy purified water without gas, we replace soda with a healthy tea.

We can cook compotes of dried fruit and berries. We use everything without sugar and substitutes. By the way, any healthy diet begins with an increase in water intake. Remember that the skin's optimal water balance must also be maintained from the outside, for example by using a moisturizer.


Helps cleanse the digestive tract, remove toxins and toxins naturally. How many times after a big party have we encountered obvious defects? Acne, greasiness or vice versa peeling, rashes and capillary networks?

Our body was saturated with "harmful" products. From now on we buy only wholemeal bread, in the morning we do not put in the porridge not jam, but berries and dried fruit. But, above all, we minimize the heat treatment of products. And we have time to watch a series and not miss trace elements.

Traffic light in a trash can

Vegetables, fruits and vegetables: we buy as much as possible and as varied as possible. Remember the traffic light rule: every meal should contain something green, yellow and red. Keep in mind that the vitamins that are useful to us are found in minimally processed foods.

We put the seasonal vegetables in the cart: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, courgettes, cabbage, celery. Among the fruits above: oranges, apples, limes, pineapples. Vegetables (cilantro, parsley, dill, lettuce, etc. ) can be bought in the summer, frozen and then added to ready-made dishes.

Omega and fatty acids

No, dear ones, these are not the fats that settle on the waist and hips! These are useful substances that promote skin elasticity, restore the natural balance in the dermis and cell regeneration. We buy olive oil to dress the salad. Smoked (salted) fish in recipes is replaced with boiled. And chips and crackers - for nuts and avocados.

The mysterious resveratrol

Behind a complex word lies a pleasant discovery: a glass of good wine promotes skin rejuvenation. There are two rules here: the wine must be of high quality, preferably dry or naturally semi-sweet, and the allowable dose is not more than 100-150 gr.

Here is a list of valuable foods for our youth:

  • Carrot- beta-carotene, renews skin cells.
  • peanuts- increase the elasticity of the skin, contain a lot of coenzyme Q10.
  • Dairy products- responsible for the condition of the skin. But it is important that they have a short duration!
  • Green tea- rejuvenates by removing calories.
  • Kashi- Eliminates dry skin.
  • treasure- antioxidant, a storehouse of vitamins.
  • Salmon- Removes superficial wrinkles, improves skin texture.
  • Seafood- keeps the skin smooth and protects it from dehydration.
  • green vegetables(spinach, kaput) - fights against rapid skin aging, thanks to antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals.
  • sea cabbage- saturates the skin with oxygen, activates the production of collagen and elastin.

This is how easy it is to achieve good rejuvenation results without surgery. Send the article to friends and girlfriends and rejuvenate together! All natural blushes, see you soon!

Modern medicine has learned to cope with serious diseases, to mask the signs of old age with plastic surgery. How to stop the aging of the body?

One of the few rules that has maintained its constancy over the centuries: proper nutrition is a way to preserve, prolong, perpetuate youth.

Nutrition for young people


celery for skin rejuvenation

Celery can be used for nutrition, cosmetic procedures. Root, stalk, celery leaves are used.

  1. Thiamine B1, riboflavin B2, nicotinic acid. They participate in redox reactions, remove toxins from the body, rejuvenate the skin of the face, heart, muscles, kidneys, brain, spinal cord. The synthesis of thyroid hormones, the appearance of young red blood cells, excretion, blocking the absorption of excess fat is impossible without B vitamins;
  2. Microelement of silicon. Without silicon, the processes of hormone formation, collagen synthesis are disrupted, vitamins are not absorbed;
  3. Germanium contributes to the saturation of oxygen ions;
  4. Chromium, selenium, zinc citrate are responsible for the complete structure of DNA and RNA, participate in the exchange of iodine. Strengthens bones, lowers blood pressure, removes toxins, radioactive substances, heavy metals;
  5. Powerful aphrodisiac, fights dementia, strengthens the immune system, protects against cancer, neutralizes toxins, reduces nervous overexcitation, blood pressure;
  6. Retinol (A), ascorbic acid (C), zinc. They improve metabolism, strengthen blood vessels, remove toxic chemicals, decay products, normalize hormone levels, calcium absorption. They have anti-inflammatory and healing properties, restore the blood flow of small vessels;
  7. Removes excess water, lowers blood cholesterol levels, normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract.


turmeric for skin rejuvenation

Turmeric increases the amount of bile acids necessary for digestion and neutralization of food, cleanses the liver, is a natural antibiotic that restores normal intestinal microflora, removes intestinal and skin manifestations of dysbacteriosis, biliary dyskinesia. The anti-aging antioxidant due to the active ingredient curcumin does not decompose during heat treatment.


ginger for skin rejuvenation

Ginger, or magic root, contains all the essential amino acids, all known vitamins and trace elements. Omega 3 and 9, which are part of it, asparagine are involved in the metabolism of proteins, they are able to rejuvenate sex cells, blood cells. New cells are synthesized. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic properties, protects against cancer. It is a powerful aphrodisiac.


honey for skin rejuvenation

Natural flower honey is a high-energy agent necessary to stimulate the immune system, the synthesis of blood cells, sperm, epidermis, dermis of normal structure and function, normal ovulation. The inclusion of honey in the diet improves blood flow to the skin, brain and genitals. Giving a person the necessary energy does not affect the increase in sugar levels. Safe for diabetics. Facial skin rejuvenation products can be applied internally and locally in the form of masks.

Dairy products

dairy products for skin rejuvenation

To normalize the intestinal microflora, anti-aging fermented milk products are used.

Kefir contains bacterial and yeast flora to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

There are 4 types of kefir:

  • Lactic;
  • Coconut;
  • Waterfall;
  • From kefir rice mushroom.

Products that rejuvenate the body can be used individually or combined with each other.

For example, kefir with garlic, banana, celery, parsley, basil, coriander, honey.

It is clear that regular and fat-free kefir, yogurt differ in composition, calorie content.

For the convenience of choosing the right drink for you. The table shows the composition of different types of kefir, yogurt.

Composed Fat content 3. 2% Fat-free kefir Yogurt
BUT 0. 03 0. 02 0. 03
FROM 0. 7 0. 7 0. 6
IN 1 0. 03 0. 04 0. 04
IN 2 0. 2 0, 17 0. 2
AT 12 0. 4 0. 4 0, 5
RR 0. 14 0. 14 0. 2
Potassium 146 152 147
Soccer 120 126 122
Sodium fifty 52 fifty
Magnesium 14. 1 fifteen fourteen
Phosphorus 95 95 96
Iron 0. 1 0. 1 0. 1
The energy value 55. 9 thirty 85. 5

Products that increase the elasticity of the body and face

Almond seeds and oil are used for oral administration and as a cosmetic product that effectively restores skin elasticity. Contains 60% of fats, 30% of proteins, vitamins, 1% of essential oils.

Rice oil is known to all women after the age of 45. The most effective remedy for wilting due to squalene, which protects against ultraviolet radiation, which normalizes the exchange of collagen tissue.

The elastic and velvety appearance of the skin will be with the use of selenium, which is found in coconut, fish, liver, wheat, bran, cocoa, mushrooms, garlic.

Harmful to health, appearance 4 products: pickles, smoked meats, fried, sweet products.

stress and youth

stress has a negative effect on young people

To rejuvenate the body, it is necessary to use products that help fight stress. During a stressful situation, the hypothalamus becomes active, an excessive amount of cortisol is produced, which stimulates the pancreas. It produces insulin, which requires a large amount of sugar to enter the blood. Here is the mechanism of weight gain, grasping the problems with chronic stress.

4 main products that regulate the work of the hypothalamus:

  1. The amino acid L-theanine was found in green tea which took 10-15 minutes. reduces cortisol, allows you to relax, without the occurrence of lethargy, drowsiness.
  2. Avocado contains magnesium, which allows the nerves to remain calm, provides accelerated removal of toxins and a normal temperature. Energy allows you to restore the body by doing moderate intensity physical exercises.
  3. Algae contain silver ions, without which it is impossible to cope with stress and aging. Algae suitable for food: nori, kombu, wakame, fucus, porphyry, ulva, limu, dals. In addition to silver ions, they contain vitamins, A, C, D, iron, iodine, 18 amino acids, 8 of which a person cannot synthesize himself, he must necessarily receive from the outside with food. For example, seaweed, or seaweed, in terms of 10 g of dry matter contains as much vitamin D as 10 kg of apricots, iodine, as much as 12 kg of cod.
  4. Due to the presence of antioxidants essential for life, citrus plants normalize the permeability of the vascular wall and provide adequate immunity. Known orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime, pomelo, kumquat, mandarin, tangelo, coal fruit.

A vegetable that accelerates the production of collagen, improves the appearance, texture of the skin - tomato. Thanks to the antioxidant lycopene, composed of 4 carbon molecules and 56 water molecules, it saturates cells with moisture, improves oxygen absorption, protects from radiation and blocks free radicals. It is good to heat treat with olive oil, because this increases the bioavailability.

Anti-aging foods should be obtained regularly with food. The way a person eats is explained by his habits.


phytoestrogens for skin rejuvenation

As the age of menopause approaches, the amount of sex hormones - estrogen in a woman decreases. Estros in Greek means liveliness, brightness. With a decrease in the production of these hormones, the hair becomes dry and brittle, the skin becomes wrinkled and the eyes lose their inherent luster. You can compensate for hormone deficiency with natural phytoestrogens, which are used by plants to protect stems, leaves and fruits from aging. You can get these substances from plant foods.

4 main types of skin elasticity products containing phytoestrogens:

  1. Legumes: beans, lentils, peas;
  2. Cereals: sprouted wheat, linseed, whole rye, oats;
  3. Spices: turmeric, ginger, garlic, parsley, spinach;
  4. Fruits: grapes, cherries, raspberries, apricots.

A stereotype that has formed over the years can be gradually changed. It's easy to protect yourself from carbonated and sugary drinks by replacing them with clean drinking water.This will allow you to get enough moisture, prevent drying and aging.

Lime blossom decoctions and infusions, St.

About the benefits of fasting

There are harmful toxic elements in our body. We live in an environment of carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, phenols, heavy metal salts, hydrogen sulphide, when we travel by public transport, read newspapers, walk on the street. With food we get hormones, antibiotics, on which animals were raised, plants we use are grown. Gradually, a person turns into a warehouse of mercury, lead, cadmium, pesticides, nitrates, aromatic hydrocarbons.

There is an opinion that we need detoxification programs to get rid of these toxins.

We have organs that constantly perform the disinfection function: kidneys, liver, skin, lungs, digestive system. But adipose tissue is an excellent deposit for the storage of toxic substances, where they are stored for years.

When a person makes an attempt to sit on hunger, then countless toxins come out of the deposit into the bloodstream. Some of them are destroyed, killing normal cells. The rest rush back to the depot, sit there, until the next chance seems to walk through the blood, human organs.

To help the internal organs, to cope with toxins from the outside, it is necessary regularly and not sporadically. Therefore, a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, protection from stress are the basis of the youth of the skin, body and mind.

Products harmful to the skin

refined sugar

products harmful to the skin

Refined sugar is the most dangerous product for the health and beauty of our skin. In a refined form, this product contributes to the rapid aging and wear of the body, both from the inside and the outside.

Refined sugar is known to break down collagen and elastin, which are important elements that keep human skin healthy.

Excess sugar in the body not only leads to serious diseases, but also contributes to wrinkling of the skin. With an increase in sugar consumption, wrinkles only get bigger, our skin looks older than its actual age.

sugar interferes with skin rejuvenation

Unfortunately, most products containing refined sugar fall into this category of potentially dangerous foods.

This includes candy, baked goods, and even some grains. Plus, there are a number of food items that you didn't even suspect the dangers of.

Watch out for bad sugars found in some apparently harmless sauces, pastas, and even breads. This product category also includes high fructose corn syrup.

If you are craving something sweet, it is best to cook it yourself at home. This way you will be sure of what you are eating.

Overcooked meat

overcooked meat interferes with rejuvenation

In addition to bad sugar, most modern diets contain highly processed foods. First of all, we are talking about overcooked meat products. It is worth noting that meat itself is a very useful and even indispensable product for our health.

However, the high temperatures and long cooking time make meat a harmful food. As a result of the high temperature regimes, the level of the end products of glycation in meat products reaches a critical level.

Products for beautiful skin

In addition to the unhealthy foods mentioned above, you should also be aware of the foods that provide your body with the building blocks it needs to make new skin cells. Such products help prolong the youthfulness of our skin.

Here are 3 essential foods for maintaining beautiful and healthy skin:

Meat broth on the bone

meat broth for skin rejuvenation

Avoid saturated fats, which are present in the first broth. It should be drained and eat the second broth already.

Also, use the bones of healthy animals to make the broth. For a rich product, use a bird's tails and legs. It is in these parts of the bird that contains the maximum amount of collagen.

Bone Broth contains the building blocks for healthy, youthful skin, including collagen, hyaluronic acid, and a host of other beneficial minerals.

C vitamin

vitamin C for skin rejuvenation

Our skin needs vitamin C for better collagen synthesis. Among the many foods that contain vitamin C, the best foods are whole food forms containing bioflavonoids.

Let's first talk about citrus fruits, rose hips, plums, kiwis and other vegetables and fruits that contain the maximum amount of vitamin C.

So, summing up, it is worth noting that the beauty of our skin is the general condition of our body.

And while a properly balanced diet doesn't prevent aging on its own, it greatly improves skin condition and delays the appearance of wrinkles later on.

If we lead an active lifestyle, get enough sleep, expose our body to less stress and eat nutrient-rich foods, we strengthen the skin and prolong youth and beauty.

The largest human organ is the skin. It is she who most shows the state of health and age of a person. Especially about age, wrinkles on the face speak clearly, with which it is necessary to begin to fight diligently after 25 years. After all, every woman wants to look good and, of course, younger than her age. At the same time, the face of each of us is unique, and therefore the manifestation of age is different for each one. That is why the set of procedures and cosmetics will be different for each. But it is worth noting that there is a general set of recommendations for preserving youth. Before you start fighting wrinkles, you need to address themcauses of skin aging.

From a medical point of view, the main cause is fluid loss. This is due to the fact that the most important element of the skin structure - hyaluronic acid, begins to break down with age. In this regard, it is less able to bind fluid, and therefore the epidermis loses its elasticity. And the reason for the destruction of this precious acid is the wrong lifestyle and nutrition, exposure to the sun, wind, frost.

Factors that affect skin aging include bad habits. So, a single cigarette causes a capillary spasm for up to 1. 5 hours, causing a decrease in estrogen. The epidermis dries up with wrinkles, its regeneration slows down.

In addition, it is worth noting photoaging, which occurs under the influence of sunlight. Therefore, it is worth considering lovers of the solarium and sunbathing in a golden color.

The fight against aging of the epidermis can be carried out through cosmetic procedures. One of the most popular are hyaluronic acid injections. After all, a single cell is believed to attract 1, 000, 000 water molecules. But it is worth noting that injections alone will not be enough, vitamins and minerals are also needed in the diet.

But there are also ways that don't involve injections. This is a massage. It is performed both manually using special cosmetics, and with the help of massagers who, with the help of current, perfectly tone the face, make it more toned and elastic. As a rule, the effect of these procedures is valid for two to three months.

Vitamins and skin rejuvenation products

As you know, any problem must be solved from the inside. Of course, various procedures and cosmetic products play a very important role in facial rejuvenation. But another very important point is proper nutrition. After all, according to cosmetologists, all nutrients should be supplied to the skin by 15% through cosmetics and 85% through food. But first you need to heal your body. Therefore, every effort should be made to remove all toxins from the body. To do this, you need to eat as much fiber as possible. In this case, the best helpers will be vegetables, especially leaves, fruits, cereals and legumes. Furthermore, one of the most valuable products for rejuvenating the skin are those rich in antioxidants.

vitamins for skin rejuvenation

They effectively prevent premature aging. Drink up to 3 cups of green tea or 2 cups of unsweetened natural coffee to get the required daily intake of antioxidants. Vitamins E and C are also very important, which are not only antioxidants, but also serve as a kind of shield from the effects of free radicals. Almonds, spinach, olive oil are rich in vitamin E and rose hips, citrus fruits, cabbage, parsley are rich in vitamin C.

The next step is to improve the intestinal microflora. This requires the following elements:

  • probiotics (kefir, yogurt)
  • prebiotics (vegetables, fruits, flax seeds, berries)
  • phytoncides (turmeric, garlic, ginger, onion)

Next, we restore the liver, so it is necessary to abandon fried, smoked, fatty sweets. All this food contributes to the production of histamine, which negatively affects all layers of the epidermis. And, of course, the alcohol taboo. Instead, you have to eat salad, dressing: olive oil with lemon juice, soft-boiled eggs and tea with cream or sugar-free milk.

It is also very important to regularly eat omega-3 fatty acids, which effectively prevent allergic and inflammatory reactions (fatty sea fish, eggs, flax seeds, seafood).

It is important to normalize the neuropsychological state, increase the protection of cells. Therefore, include in the diet: phospholipids (sunflower oil, egg yolks, cottage cheese), magnesium (almonds, bran), calcium (dairy products, cabbage, vegetables, sesame seeds, cabbage), vitamin B (meat, buckwheat, oatmeal).

Products that can rejuvenate the skin of the face, as well as restore its structure, must contain the following substances and minerals.

Selenium- Protects from the sun's UV rays (tomato, garlic, fish, sea cabbage). Zinc - prevents the appearance of inflammatory skin rashes (beef, peanuts, vegetables).

Copper- synthesizes collagen (chocolate, milk, meat, hazelnuts, spinach, seafood). Iron and calcium - restores the epidermis (dairy products, dried apricots, sea fish, vegetables, liver, apples).

Silicon- improves the production of cells and collagen (vegetables, cabbage, peppers, vegetables, fruit).

It is the latest weapon in the arsenal to combat aging. . .Coenzyme Q10, which gives energy to cells, enhances the effect of vitamin E, slows down aging. Source: spinach, sardines, lean meats, eggs, sardines.