Facial rejuvenation procedures at age 50

It is impossible to have facial skin at 50 without a single wrinkle and crease, but looking much younger is a desire for everyone. How to organize skincare, which cream to prefer and how Meryl Streep maintains her youth at 64 - find out more.

Facial skin features over the age of 50

To organize proper care, we will deal with subtleties, age-related changes in the mature epidermis at a certain age. Withering is due to:

  • insufficient formation of fat cells, collagen proteins, as a result: dry and flabby skin;
  • weak saturation of cells with oxygen, nutrients, which reduces the tone of tissues;
  • the epidermis thins over time, the protective qualities decrease.
A woman in her fifties is concerned about facial rejuvenation

In addition to the physiological causes, facial aging is favored by:

  • menopause, hormonal disorders;
  • stress, experiences;
  • environmental conditions, poor quality face care;
  • unhealthy lifestyle, unbalanced diet.

Facial rejuvenators

Regular, high-quality and comprehensive care with the help of age-related cosmetics will help ensure effective facial rejuvenation after 50 years.

The preparatory stage of any cure is cleaning. However, the main share of rejuvenation is assigned to the age cream. Approach his choice responsibly, scrupulously, some tips will help in this:

  • face creams after 50 should contain hyaluronic acid in their arsenal, all kinds of moisturizing and nourishing oils - this helps to accelerate the formation of collagen in cells;
  • the naturalness of the components, the exclusion of alcohol additives and large abrasive particles - will prevent injury to the already weakened tissues of the epidermis;
  • only anti-aging cosmetics, rejuvenating and firming the contours of the action;
  • class, the brand doesn't really matter (luxury, mass market or homemade). The main thing is efficiency, naturalness and respect for the age group;
  • you can prepare a cream, of the quality and naturalness of which you will be 100% sure, at home.

Massage and additional methods of skin rejuvenation

Massage is the second most important step in preserving the youthfulness of the face. The energizing massage will provide effective facial rejuvenation after 50 years, the face lifting massage will be able to firm and restore the elasticity of the surface.

Limiting creams, massage is not worth it. A series of exercises to lift the oval of the face, the predominance of steamed healthy foods in the diet, grilled foods that slow down aging, will have a positive effect on the return of youth and skin tone. A good sleep, calmness, the exclusion of negative and stressful emotions are additional measures for rejuvenating the face.

Salon anti-aging methods

Effective facial rejuvenation after 50 also includes salon methods. These include radical injections of botulinum toxin, plastic surgery and more faithful mesotherapy procedures, radiofrequency facelifts, or fractional facial skin rejuvenation.

A professional cosmetologist will help you choose the right method for your surface. She will study the characteristics of the skin, depth, degree of defects, individual contraindications, so that the effect is worth the money and time spent.

Consider in advance that the procedure must be repeated after a certain period of time.

Secrets of Youth Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep looks young despite her age

Despite the age, the celebrity looks much younger thanks to the following points:

  • a measured pace of life - in addition to filming, Meryl tries to devote enough time to her family, to take care of herself and to enjoy joyful moments.
  • a firm no - to alcohol, bad habits, scorching sunlight - the actress always swims every day, she does yoga;
  • calm perception of temporary changes, confidence in the beauty of any age;
  • cleanliness, a constant smile on her face.

Love yourself regardless of the number of wrinkles - each age has its advantage and the beauty of her.


  • "I have tried a lot of cosmetics in the fight against problem areas of the face. However, she opted for home cosmetics and rejuvenating gymnastics. Also, I advise women over 50 to be confident, cheerful. Because stress aggravates the problems. age related.
  • "I recommend fighting wrinkles after 50 with homemade creams and masks. The massage will help to achieve a tangible result. Do not forget adequate sleep and nutrition. Rejuvenation is a set of measures aimed at improving the health of the skin and body as a whole!