Effective Facial Rejuvenation - Everything You Need to Know

effective skin rejuvenation

How to do without the "beauty injections" and get an instant facelift? Cosmetic procedures or complex home care? We tell you how to visually rejuvenate, have a fresh and cheerful look.

Every second girl at least once thought about contouring the face. Many of us, day in and day out, actively struggle with the inevitable age-related changes that can take over after 20 years. For example, nasolabial folds, Venus rings and "crow's feet" at the corners of the eyes can also appear in very young girls. The fact is that in addition to genetics, there are a huge number of external factors that somehow leave negative imprints on appearance. Poor quality tap water, temperature changes, polluted air in the metropolis, lack of sunlight in winter are just the tip of the iceberg called "the enemy of eternal youth". And this without counting the internal causes due to disease, stress, malnutrition, menstrual irregularities and bad habits. Of course, in the modern world there are all kinds of beauty methods that will help you look fresher, cheerful and young, but don't forget the three pillars on which female beauty is based: harmony with yourself and your body. , the correct daily routine and a healthy and regular diet. Only by following these three commandments, you can achieve a long-term visible result in rejuvenating your appearance, so you must first start small and then move on to heavy cosmetic artillery.

Effective facial skin rejuvenation: what you need to know before going to the beautician

  1. To begin with, it is important to understand that even the best cosmetologist is not a panacea for all misfortunes. Of course, the cosmetic intervention will improve the initial data, but without proper care and maintenance of the result, you can very quickly go back to the beginning. That is, even an injection surgery cannot completely replace full-fledged daily facial skin care and its rejuvenation with the help of properly selected cosmetics.
  2. Before going to the beautician, study your cosmetic bag carefully: some products probably don't work, so it's better to make room for products of the highest quality. Cosmetic rejuvenation with the help of effective means is not a myth, but a reality. It is important to choose care, taking into account the individual characteristics of a particular woman: age, skin condition and many other factors. By the way, in the commercial assortment of many cosmetology clinics there are usually proven products that will help to consolidate the result of injectable rejuvenation.
  3. Non-surgical rapid rejuvenation is usually performed using cosmetic procedures: peeling, nourishing masks and cleansing. Such procedures should be performed several times at regular intervals for maximum effect. After the skin is sufficiently hydrated and well cared for from the outside and inside, it makes sense to move on to more serious procedures, such as laser rejuvenation, plasma lifting, RF lifting, and sculptural facial massage.

Laser rejuvenation - a path of effective procedures

Laser facial rejuvenation is a procedure that is gaining momentum. Yes, today the consequences of laser irradiation have not yet been studied in depth, but the positive effect on the skin of the face is evident after just a few sessions.

The laser rejuvenation procedure is recommended for girls over the age of 25. It is after this age that the body begins to slowly produce collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Laser rejuvenation is used to restore the elasticity of individual areas of the face and improve the overall tone. Laser rejuvenation will help to tighten the oval of the face, eliminate fine wrinkles, erase age spots. Currently, there are several methods that have their pros and cons.

Features of laser rejuvenation

The general principle of laser rejuvenation is that the beam touches certain areas of the skin in a heated state. Exposure to temperatures stimulates the skin, causing a rapid response. In the cells, an accelerated regeneration process begins, it may seem that the skin is slightly stretched. The result of the procedure is noticeable after the first session, but laser rejuvenation is usually performed in a cycle of 5-7 procedures, the interval between which takes 7-14 days.

Due to the impact of a laser pulse in the deep layers of the skin, the production of collagen and elastin is activated, so the procedure has a cumulative effect and its result will be noticeable within several months and, in some cases, years.

Effective laser rejuvenation is painless, after the procedure is completed, cosmetics can be safely applied to the face, only episodic redness in some areas of the skin is possible. And the absence of a rehabilitation period, as you know, is very convenient for those who cannot postpone all their business even for the sake of beauty.

Laser rejuvenation: before and after

Before laser rejuvenation, the skin may not be in the best condition, but after that the result is guaranteed. You can resort to laser rejuvenation from the age of 18, there are no special contraindications for the procedure. The face after laser rejuvenation looks radiant, toned and healthy, and it is not possible to achieve such a complete and lasting update even with the help of injection procedures.

After completing the laser skin rejuvenation course, you can get rid of:

  • dull complexion;
  • wrinkles;
  • folds;
  • blurred outline;
  • age spots;
  • varicose veins;
  • irregularities on the skin surface;
  • open pores;
  • low complexion.

Laser fractional facial rejuvenation

Laser fractional skin rejuvenation is a type of cosmetic facelift without surgery. This procedure is allowed for both people with aged skin and girls over the age of 18. In fact, fractional rejuvenation is just one of the most popular laser techniques, which allows you to achieve clear facial contours, smooth out wrinkles, age-related folds, and gently mimic and remove the rough upper layers of the epidermis.

The laser pulse during the fractional rejuvenation procedure penetrates deep into the skin, initiating the processes already mentioned.

The essence of the fractional rejuvenation procedure lies in the fact that during penetration under the skin, the laser pulse is broken down into many similar "processes". Thus, the rays pass through a special grid without damaging the skin over the entire surface, but leaving only microscopic holes, so that the recovery period passes quickly and painlessly. In the first 5-7 days, a slight burning sensation may be felt, in some places a barely noticeable edema is possible.

Depending on the area treated on the face, the depth of penetration of the fractionated rays changes. For example, the skin around the eyes needs more gentle treatment than the cheek or forehead area with severe age-related changes.

The fractional rejuvenation procedure is contraindicated:

  • pregnant and lactating mothers;
  • in the presence of photodermatitis, herpes, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, keloid scars and other skin diseases;
  • in the presence of temporary skin damage: a cut, a severe bruise, etc. ;
  • if there are large moles, hair birthmarks and other ambiguous formations on the face;
  • with cancer, diabetes, epilepsy.

In any controversial case, you should first consult a specialist and pass general tests.

Plasma skin rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation with plasma is another type of non-surgical effect on the skin to improve its general condition, here plasma is used instead of laser. Plasma rejuvenation is believed to be much more effective than laser surgery and the result is even more noticeable and lasting. It does not require special preparation before the first procedure, there are no painful sensations in the process, and the session itself takes from 10 to 30 minutes. Plus, plasma facial rejuvenation leaves no redness, bruising or other visible marks.

The plasma lifting procedure occurs under the influence of a special plasma device, which sends a pulse to a specific area of the skin, after which it begins to contract intensely. Before a plasma rejuvenation session, an anesthetic cream is applied to the face, and immediately after that the master disinfects the skin with a gauze pad.

Plasma rejuvenation: indications and contraindications

You can rejuvenate the skin with plasma from the age of 18, this procedure is relatively safe and comfortable to feel. However, there are also some contraindications here:

  • the presence of a pacemaker or other implanted electronic device;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • damage to the skin;
  • presence of implants.

RF-lifting: skin rejuvenation and healing

Radiofrequency facelift is the latest effective way to rejuvenate cosmetic skin. The principle of operation is to awaken the potential of the skin through a special heat treatment. The procedure is performed using a bipolar device that heats the skin with radiofrequency energy. At the same time, the skin itself appears to remain in its normal state, and muscle tissue is not involved at all. This lifting-rejuvenation method allows you to awaken collagen and protein fibers and strengthen the layers of the skin from the inside. The result is a smooth and radiant face, a taut contour without wrinkles and folds.

Characteristics of the RF lift

The RF lift leaves no marks on the skin, only warm touches are felt locally. This procedure is well tolerated, the recovery period takes only a couple of days, and on the outside it goes completely unnoticed.

The RF lifting procedure will help to form a clear oval of the face, reduce nasolabial folds, tighten the cheekbones, eyelids, cheeks, remove wrinkles around the eyes and correct the area around the lips.

Since RF lifting is an anti-aging procedure, it can be done from the age of 20. Usually, the impact zones are individual, but for maximum visual effect, several procedures can be performed in one course for the entire face.

Contraindications to use:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • viral diseases;
  • increase in body temperature;
  • malignant formations on the body;
  • hypertension and pressure changes;
  • the presence of gold threads on the face or implants;
  • damage to the skin.

In any case of doubt, it is best to consult a doctor before the procedure.

Facial massage for rejuvenation

The most harmless type of facial rejuvenation procedure is massage. There are various techniques that you can perform on your own at home or enlist the help of a beautician. One of the most popular techniques is the sculptural facial massage, from the point of view of plasticity, it increases blood circulation in the tissues, preparing them for the penetration of the beneficial ingredients that are used by the master during the session.

Rejuvenation massage is usually done in several sessions to build up and consolidate the effect of each one-time procedure. Usually an effective course consists of 10-12 sessions, which is best done 2 times a year.

Thanks to professional facial massage, amazing results can be achieved in a short time:

  • shaping pronounced facial contours;
  • remove the second chin;
  • get rid of wrinkles and folds;
  • improve complexion;
  • get rid of bruises under the eyes;
  • significantly improve the overall tone of the skin, restore its elasticity;
  • reduce the number of age spots and post-acne.

For a quality massage, a drug is usually chosen that fights a specific problem, and to consolidate the result, the specialist often recommends using additional cosmetics for daily care.

Skin rejuvenation products: serums, creams and masks

Various cosmetic products are used to rejuvenate the skin of the face at home and in salons, which contribute to the appearance of positive results.

The products for effective rejuvenation can be of different brands, but the highest quality products include the following extracts, vitamins and substances:

  • vegetable oil extracts for smoothing the skin;
  • acids (hydroxyl, lipoic, salicylic, hyaluronic) to combat age-related pigmentation;
  • vitamins A (retinol), E;
  • elastin and collagen.

Facial rejuvenation serum

An effective face rejuvenation serum usually contains a high percentage of hyaluronic acid in the composition, which is why it is the most sought after among the fair sex. This is a complete double serum for all skin types, which perfectly copes with age-related changes.

Facial rejuvenation cream

Creams, like masks, are many. The main position is occupied by a cream with collagen in the composition, suitable for all skin types.

Facial rejuvenation mask

Quality face rejuvenation masks are commonly used not only at home, but also during procedures such as facial massage. One of the most effective masks with a shock dose of hyaluronic acid in the composition.

Facial rejuvenation at home: the 5 best remedies

In addition to cosmetic care for skin rejuvenation and healing, it is necessary to regularly carry out simple but important procedures, so positive results will not keep you waiting!

Home rejuvenation is an integrated approach that makes up a daily beauty routine. Try to use all available methods to keep the skin in the correct tone and activate the regeneration processes of epidermal cells.

  1. Self-massage for 10-15 minutes a day with a roller or a quartz massager.
  2. Face gymnastics for 5-10 minutes a day.
  3. Fabric masks and patches as needed.
  4. Bain marie and contrast wash.
  5. A special sleeping pillow that fixes the head so that no wrinkles and folds are formed on the face.