Experience of use intenskin

Experience in using intenskin by Natalya from Kiev

Bye! I would like to tell you my impressions of using the wonderful bio-wrinkle cream intenskin.Natalia's Experience from Kyiv intenskin Photo Wrapping Cream

In my youth, while all my friends suffered from acne and blackheads, I prided myself on perfectly smooth and clean skin. There was no end to the boys. I didn't think then that one day I would worry about wrinkles.

But with age, she began to notice crow's feet near her eyes, mimicking wrinkles around her mouth. I have a very expressive and active facial expression and now she has started reflecting on my skin.

Tried a lot of expensive creams, scrubs, even went to the salon for a chemical peel. But the effect was not at all what I expected. Yes, the fine lines weren't that noticeable and the skin got lighter, but I still looked the same for my age.

I had already started thinking about plastic surgery, I also started saving money, when I stumbled upon the latest development from Western cosmetologists on the Internet: intenskin anti-aging wrinkle cream. I thought it was another scam, but I decided to read the reviews. I did not immediately believe that there could be an effect like in the photo. I only saw him with a friend after plastic surgery and even then her skin didn't look so healthy and radiant.

Reluctantly, I ordered intenskin on the website, even though I wasn't really hoping for the result. The cream arrived quickly, picked it up at the post office and paid for the delivery there.

Unpacked at home, he skeptically opened the jar. The smell was pleasant, the cream itself is quite thick.

Read the instructions to learn how to use it. The application scheme is standard, like a normal daily cream. I started smearing my face and neck in the morning, before work and in the evening. It is written that you can apply it three times a day so that the skin does not dry out.

After three days, I noticed that the skin became more elastic and the nasolabial folds decreased. At first I didn't believe it myself, but those around me began to say that I had refreshed myself, as if I came from a mountain location. After two weeks, the effect was already very noticeable, the face became tender, radiant, as in youth, the neck stiffened. Wrinkles became much smaller, visually threw out 7-10 years.

Natalia's experience from Kiev, photos before and after intenskin

Now I use the cream regularly, I have begun to catch the interested glances of very young men. It is understandable, my figure is slim, and with such skin it is impossible to guess my true age. I have recommended intenskin to my work friends, now the whole female half of the team uses it.

I strongly advise you to shop, girls, remember, you have to take care of yourself from your youth! And use all modern means for this. Medicine doesn't stop, it's TRUE to look 15 years younger than your years!