Reviews intenskin

  • Armindo
    When I saw my wife ordered intenskin, I swore for a long time at first, I thought it was another divorce. But when the cream came, and she started using it, he couldn't believe her eyes. Now the wife looks like our daughter's older sister, she is all shiny, there are almost no wrinkles.
  • Matilde
    A very popular remedy now, only all acquaintances say. I thought for a long time before buying, but I bought and have not regretted it. The skin on the face is supple and the wrinkles have all disappeared.
  • Beatriz
    When I bought intenskin, I threw out all the care products. She smoothes wrinkles without any shrinkage and the traces of acne are gone, now the skin of the face is even and smooth.
  • Mariana
    Yes, a good cream, my friends abroad have been using it for a long time, but we have recently taken it. I have been using it myself for six months, there are a lot of compliments from colleagues, they just can't understand how I got so young.
  • Joana
    I discovered the remedy from a friend. Now I use it myself and buy it for my mother, a wonderful tool to rejuvenate at any age.
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